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Client Testimonials

Yoga with Danielle was absolutely amazing! Best yoga experience EVER and I have done a TON of yoga over the years. I was initially looking for a hot yoga experience while on vacation in Panama City. I emailed Danielle to ask if she had a hot yoga studio of if she knew of one. She informed me that she did private yoga lessons and would be willing to do yoga on the beach which would definitely be "hot and humid" due to the beautiful Florida weather. I hired Danielle for 2 private sessions. The first one we did on the beach. Although it was a bit "sandy" it was quite possibly the best yoga experience I have EVER had! It was very refreshing to work with someone who has such a strong love for the Lord. I believe God is definitely working through Danielle during her private yoga sessions. The second private yoga session took place at our condo we rented as we were not sure if it was going to rain. Danielle was very flexible with the times and locations. Having these private yoga sessions with Danielle was definitely the highlight of my vacation. I just wished we lived closer so that I could work with Danielle more often. If you have the chance to do Yoga with Danielle, do not pass it up. She is an absolutely amazing yoga instructor and just a great person all the way around. Thanks Danielle for the blessing of experiencing how inspiring Yoga with Danielle can be! You rock!
~Valerie W., Owner of Wright Family Products & Studio Reset, IL 
I have completely enjoyed starting my yoga practice with Danielle Masters.  I started the first beginning class on my back porch with a couple of friends and am now starting my third course at the intermediate level. Danielle is passionate about the value of yoga and imparting that knowledge to others. Furthermore, she is an excellent holistic nutritionist and does an amazingly thorough assessment for those who may need her expertise. I should know, after months of following Danielle's advice, she has helped feel like a new person!
~Gail K., FL

Never before have I had an exercise experience like yoga with Danielle Masters.  During  private lessons, I realized the incredible benefits of the movements Danielle has taught me.  I suffer from arthritis and am absolutely amazed at the relief my yoga practice has provided. Just as important as the physical effects, my mental health has benefited as well.  Life is stressful; however, yoga has provided me with tools to help me relax and to keep the pressures of daily living in perspective.  I attribute these positive impacts to Danielle Masters.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and kind with an ability to make her clients develop an "I can" attitude toward the practice of yoga.
~Terry R., FL

I have truly enjoyed and become a huge fan of Yoga with Danielle! I believe I am now completely spoiled by this experience and guided instruction I have received from her classes. Danielle’s classes are inspirationally and all the while you are becoming stronger both physical and mentally. There is no denying she cares about everyone and has a kind soul. Not only is she an amazing yoga instructor she also will aid you in other aliments you might be going through. I look forward to my time with the girls and Yoga with Danielle each week. 
~ Emily E., FL

Danielle is amazing. I FINALLY found her, after almost two years in Panama City. Timing is everything in life. Anyway, she was kind enough to offer her personal services at my home for her last two weeks in town before moving. I am pregnant with my first baby, and had really been wanting someone to walk me through prenatal yoga practices. Danielle was so refreshing. She knew exactly how to deal with my extreme lack of flexibility, and I always felt so renewed and energized after our sessions. Also, she provided me with several handouts that I have been using regularly to practice on my own. She is so thoughtful, calming and sweet. I HIGHLY recommend Danielle, whether it be in a group class or individual session.
~ Jackie P., FL

Danielle focuses on every person in the class to make sure they are getting the most out of the session.  
She makes sure we do the poses correctly so we don't injure ourselves.  She is very patient with her students.  She is the perfect match for what I need!!
~Katherine L., FL

What an amazing healthy and spiritual experience with Danielle and the other ladies in class! It is so nice to be able to push yourself physically and grow spiritually all while forming new relationships with amazingly funny ladies!
~Tiffany D., FL

I was excited about a Christ-centered class. I had attended a couple of other classes and found this to be completely different. I was concerned that I would not be able to get my body to move the correct way. Danielle was patient with me and corrected me which helped me a great deal. I was concerned about my muscles shaking and my poor balance, but with Danielle's encouragement I improved my ability to move with less shaking and better balance and even added strength. Spiritually it has been a tremendous blessing.
~Peaches S., FL

I took Danielle's 2hr Christ-Centered Yoga Workshop at PCB Yoga. It was a revelation. I realized that Christ-centered yoga was exactly what I had been searching for. I have been continuing on my own since the workshop and continue to see that my yoga and relationship with Jesus are strengthened thru the practice. It's so exciting. I just can't stop talking about it to others. So glad I had the opportunity to take the workshop before Danielle moved back to New Mexico.
~Phyllis T., FL

Danielle instructs with grace and knowledge. She has an eager spirit to see you accomplish your goals and good in her communication and follow up. Her Christ centered gentle yoga nourished my soul. She is such an encourager and makes each person in class feel special.
~Sandy P., FL

I have been very happy with my Christ-centered yoga classes. I didn't start with the other gals but sure am glad they got me started. This is my first real experience with Yoga and I have found it to greatly improve my mobility. I have much better flexibility. Still working on the balance but think that is concentration. I love the conversation and sharing as well as the focus of our devotions. I know anyone would love the class and get so much from it.
~Cyndy D., FL

Danielle was positively wonderful. She progressed in teaching us new movements and techniques as we were becoming more accustomed to yoga over the weeks. She was very sensitive to our needs and read our abilities well. After a couple of classes, I felt I learned to relax and release toxins and negative thoughts from my inner self. The experience was not only enjoyable but healthy. Danielle is up to date in her practice and is very approachable should you have questions or need help. If I were you, I would take a class with her! 
~ Katie S., FL

Danielle, I want to thank you so much for our private yoga classes!!!! As you know I had never taken any yoga classes. I started taking classes in Spring 2011 and have not stopped. I have a new appreciation for my mind, body and soul. I remember the day I realized that I really could do the yoga postures. You have always pushed me to challenge myself in a very gentle way. You believed I could do it and through your faith I saw myself as God sees me. I have a new healthy perspective of myself. Yoga will always be a part of my life. It provides the strength training, balancing, stretching that I need. I have learned the importance of breathing. I set an intention (goal) for our session. I am reminded to let go and focus on the now. I am most surprised by how much we accomplish in a relatively short time. After our private yoga sessions I can tell that I have had a great workout but I also feel refreshed like after a great massage. I also feel at peace and I am ready for the tasks at hand. Thank you my dear friend. 
~Annabelle V., NM

Danielle, I wanted to tell you how very grateful I am to have had the pleasure of working out with you.  You have such an amazing gift that God has blessed you with.  I am so glad I got to witness this too.. You make this world just a little bit better. And, for that I am thankful!!!! I will  continue to pray for you, your family, and your businesses.  May God continue to Bless You and watch over you so that you can continue to help others.
Lu Haney, TN

Danielle, I wanted to personally thank you for saving my daughters voice and for the advice you gave me. I have always known that organic products are the best but sometimes I am not sure which ones to use. You answered all of my questions and concerns so quickly and knew exactly which products would work the best for our situation. You and the products you recommended gave my daughter her voice back and turned an audition from what could have been a disaster into a perfect performance. I can’t thank you enough. I know with complete confidence that anything you recommend will be the absolute best for us. Thank you for being so knowledgeable in what you do and for caring for every individual like they were your own flesh and blood. 
~Tennille M., TN

Danielle Masters is an amazing person. She was my private yoga instructor for 2 years and prior to our student/instructor relationship we were friends. Through the one on one personalized yoga instruction that I received from Danielle, I became mindful of my body, mind and spiritual self. It was not just an exercise of the physical body. I learned the holistic approach of tuning in to all my senses to enhance the quality of my life...both on and off the mat. She is a deeply spiritual and compassionate person who's love for the Lord is part of everything she does. Whatever Danielle does she does it 110%, giving all she has to the project or person she is working with at that moment. Your are blessed if she calls you a friend, and equally blessed if you are her yoga client. 
~Anne Reveley, NM

Whenever I have a physical ailment- flu, cold, fatigue due to pregnancy, I can always count on Danielle to give me practical tips. Whether it's supplements or foods to eat, I've always benefited from what she has recommended. 
~Etna R., NM

Hi Danielle, Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for all your helpful tips for the different body aches, colds and such that seem to be a regular part of getting older. The treatments on my shoulder really helped speed up the healing process and even helped me avoid surgery. We're also starting to use the Sambucus to help minimize or entirely avoid the cold and flu bugs, and we look forward to a lot less symptoms down the road. Thanks again for always caring and sharing...Best wishes always! 
~J.T., CA

I have been doing yoga on my own for a little over a year and have enjoyed it thoroughly. Recently I became pregnant with my third child and wanted to make sure everything I was doing was safe. I also wanted to learn how to modify poses for my growing belly or learn different poses to replace others. Well, Danielle did all this for me and more. Not only did she answer all of my questions, she taught me how to incorporate scripture, prayer, and mediation on a whole new level with her Alpha Omega Yoga Classes. I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during our yoga class together! Danielle also left me a personalized folder containing everything I needed to enjoy the experience again on my own. She is an incredible yoga teacher and friend and I can't wait to learn more from her. 
~Bethany Salcido, NM

I knew I wanted to start leaning towards more natural and holistic ways of medicating my children, and my family. When my daughter got bronchitis, I called the doctor and they gave her some antibiotics... it took care of the problem for the most part, but some of the symptoms kept coming back again and again. I wanted something to really kick it and get rid of it, so I went to Danielle for advice. She told me of some great natural remedies, and the amounts to give both my children ages 6 months and 2 1/2 years. The remedies were very helpful and I felt safe giving them to my kids. I feel confident that Danielle will steer me in the right direction when it comes to holistic medicine. I will continue to go to her in times of need when my children are sick and I need advice! Thanks Danielle! 
~Tasha ..."a Natural Remedy Newbie," NM

Danielle, Thank you so much for your advice and healing products. As you know I was so sick and getting worst by the second. Your advice couldn’t have worked better or faster for me. No one likes being sick, especially me. Now because of you I know exactly what to use next time I’m sick and I know who to call for all of my future organic needs. Thank you again. Mahalo! 
~Savannah Lynne, The 2013 & 2014 Female Country Teen Artist of the Year, TN

I have been practicing yoga with Danielle Masters for approximately four months. Danielle has provided direct, clear, one on one guidance and instruction that has truly helped change my life. She literally taught me how to breathe. My body, mind, stress levels and emotions are in a much better condition due to her expertise, guidance and attention to the areas that I needed to focus on. Not only has the yoga instruction been a huge benefit but Danielle has also helped me spiritually and to achieve a better understanding regarding nutritional health, skin care and natural remedies that are very beneficial not only for me but for my family as well. It has been very rewarding working with Danielle on all levels. I am truly grateful. What a blessing Danielle Masters is. 
~Christine M., NM

I found Danielle's help to be very intuitive. When it came to my sleeping problem, she was quick to inquire and ask the right questions. I'm grateful to have such a caring friend who knows what she's talking about! 
~Shane R, NM

I was extremely frustrated and had no one to turn to with my unknown sickness which was causing me to loose my mind. One afternoon, I was on Facebook and my girlfriend had a link to Danielle's Page. Danielle Masters is a Holistic Health Practitioner. What an inspirational, kind and gentle spirit she is. There is a section on Danielle's website to ask her a question or send her an email which I did. I said what the heck, I mean she will probably give me the book advice and try to sell me something; completely the opposite. After sending Danielle an email in desperation of my condition, she immediately responded and gave me suggestions for supplements, books to read, remedies, diet and lifestyle changes, and recommended that I see a Naturopathic Doctor. Her anecdotal experience is what motivated me to get up and explore healing through Holistic Measures. My life was extremely stressful working two part-time jobs, trying to balance a relationship, eating disorder, constantly battling with my weight, the yo-yo dieting, and constantly trying to do more than what I could handle. My body just shut down and couldn’t go anymore. So thanks to Danielle, I am now seeing a Naturopathic Doctor and doing a few blood tests to determine the underlying cause of my condition. Because of the herbal remedies and supplements she recommended, my energy has improved and I have actually lost a few pounds. I have now learned that healing takes time but requires patience, adherence and believing that through the Grace of God, there is nothing that you can not overcome. So I thank you, Danielle Masters, for giving me a sense of direction when I had no one to turn to. Yours in good health. 

~Veronica, Canada