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Welcome To My Site!

My name is Danielle Masters and this site is intended for everyone interested in renewing their body, mind and spirit from the inside out!

I am very passionate about yoga for overall health and well being, family life, and an organic and holistic lifestyle. My passions have greatly influenced the way I have chosen to live my life with my family and in return I have experienced healing and renewal for my body, mind and spirit inside and out.

A Little Bit About Me

First and foremost, I would like to thank God for the gift of motherhood, alternative healing, and yoga. I have been blessed with a passion for teaching Yoga and sharing holistic health and wellness education with others through my private Holistic Nutrition Consultations.

Discovering My Passion For Holistic Health & Yoga

I began my own personal yoga practice in 1998, while I was in high school to stay grounded and focused.

In 2001, I attended college in Palm Desert, CA to become a Registered Nurse (RN). During my studies I began realizing that I did not agree with the Pharmaceutical practices in the Medical Industry and I found myself researching and educating myself about natural alternatives to healing.

It was during this time that I discovered my passion for practicing yoga could turn into a wonderful opportunity to teach others. This began my journey of becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2004 and building my repertoire of many different types of yoga certifications including: Children's yoga, Beginner-Advanced yoga, and Chair yoga. Soon after, my yoga practice had blossomed and before I knew it I was teaching the gifts of yoga to people of all ages all over the desert in California and loving life. All the while my love and passion for Herbal Health and Holistic Nutrition was evolving.

My Revelation & Healing Journey

It was April, 2006 when I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer Stage 1. Prior to my diagnosis I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a result of a ten year battle with the Eating Disorder, Anorexia, which caused my reproductive hormones to be out of balance.

I took this time as a life-changing opportunity to truly practice all that I had learned holistically in order to finally overcome the eating disorder once and for all and the medical diagnosis' naturally. Six months later after much prayer and integrating an herbal supplementation program with organic nutrition and the practice of yoga, I was informed by the doctor that there was absolutely no sign of any cancerous cells in my body.......

I was completely healed!

During my healing, I had moved to New Mexico, where I met my beloved husband, Mark. It was here that I developed my passions further and became a Certified Herbalist and Holistic Nutrition Consultant. In 2009, by the grace of God, I became a mother and gave birth to our fine son, Tristan, naturally after 60 hours of labor, applying all the holistic modalities that I had learned as a Yoga Teacher and Herbalist. Nine years later, with lots of patience and in God's timing, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Aubrey. 

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

Based on my personal experience and watching other people's lives transform, I truly believe that by integrating both Herbal Health and Holistic Nutrition with Organics, Exercise and the practice of Yoga, one is able to bring balance into their life through the Renewal of the Body, Mind, and Spirit from the Inside-Out!

Yours in Health and Harmony,

Danielle Masters

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6