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Holistic Nutrition Consultation
As an Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and Yoga Teacher, Danielle is very passionate about sharing her knowledge of herbal medicine, yoga for health, and holistic nutrition.

Danielle believes that the majority of dis-ease is rooted in digestion- how we eat, what we eat, food preparation and how the body reacts to food as it travels through the entire digestive tract. A malfunctioning digestive system can cause imbalances within the body and can stress the organs and the glands. Hormone imbalances, allergies, ARTHRITIS, joint pain, autoimmune disorders, gout, eczema, ACNE, chronic fatigue, ADD, PMS, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol can ALL be linked to a malfunctioning digestive tract. In addition to these imbalances, many individuals are experiencing mineral and vitamin deficiencies which can be replenished through herbs and supplements.

Danielle's Holistic Nutrition practice is unique, in that Danielle does not advocate any one specific way of eating. She believes that every individual has distinct dietary needs based upon genetics, lifestyle, gender, blood type, stress levels, childhood eating habits, current state of health and future health goals. Therefore, she focuses on bio-individuality, while imparting a positive and empowering perspective shift around food that results in greater lifelong health and wellness.

Danielle's goal as your personal Herbalist & Holistic Nutrition Consultant is to create for you a Personalized Health and Wellness Program, which will promote a life of vibrant health, harmony, and balance from the inside-out. In order for her to understand your current and past health concerns- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, Danielle requires that you to complete her comprehensive Health Evaluation Form. After a thorough evaluation of your health history both past and present, Danielle will then be able to suggest which herbs, supplements, dietary, and/or lifestyle changes are needed for you to re-establish balance, harmony and vitality back into your life.

The following are a few of the health challenges which may be improved with herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, dietary changes, and simple lifestyle changes:

ADD, ADHD, Allergies (Environmental or Food), Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Sinus Issues, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Colds, Decreased Immune System, Decreased General Health, Decreased Energy and Stamina, Digestive Disorders (Heartburn, Indigestion, GERD/Acid Reflux, IBS, Celiac, Ulcerative Colitis), Emotional Imbalances, Excess Weight, Fibromyalgia, Flu, Gas and Bloating, General Fatigue, Gout, High Cholesterol, Infertility, Insomnia, Migraines, Mild Depression, Nightmares, Parasites, Recovery from Antibiotic use, Sore Throat, Stress, Type II Diabetes, Women's Health Issues (Hormone Imbalances, Menopause, PMS).

**Herbal medicine tones the body’s ability to respond to stress and illness and is used to help the body come back into a state of balance and harmony. The goal of healthy living is not to be reliant on herbs forever.

A Holistic Nutrition Consultation Package

with Danielle Masters Includes: 

1. A Complete Health Evaluation

2. 15 Minute Initial Consultation Appointment via the phone to discuss your completed Health Evaluation Formand the ailments and health challenges that the client would like to focus on in order to re-establish balance, harmony and vitality back into their life. The length of time needed and the price for the client's Personalized Health & Wellness Program to be completed will be discussed at this point.

3. Personalized Health & Wellness Program:

  • In Your Personalized Health & Wellness Program Packet Danielle explains in full detail the root of your symptoms, her suggestions for which herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes that are necessary for you to re-establish balance, harmony and vitality back into your life and help your body heal itself.  This Program will help you discover the tools you need in order to accomplish your health & wellness goals. 

  • Tailor-Made Whole-Food Mix and Match Meal Plan that are not only nutritious and delicious, they all will also support healthy digestion & assimilation, weight loss and leave you feeling satisfied. 

"Don't Diet, Live It!!"

  •  A Personalized Grocery Shopping List to compliment your Personalized Health & Wellness Program and Tailor-Made Whole-Food Mix and Match Meal Plan.

  • Weekly Meal Planner

  •  Daily Food Journal - A wonderful tool to use to write down the foods you eat on a daily basis and help keep you accountable with your Health & Wellness Program. Using a food journal will also give you a picture of your overall dietary intake and help identify how the body reacts to certain types foods.

  • Herbal Remedy and Supplement Shopping List for supplements and herbs recommended by Danielle. 

  • Sample Daily Schedule for supplements and herbs recommended by Danielle.

  • Delicious Juicing Recipes for detoxifying the body.​​

  • Up to 1-Hour Consultation via phone or in person to discuss your completed Personalized Health and Wellness Program and any questions you may have. ​

*Traveling Costs May Apply For In-Person Appointments

  • Ongoing Support via phone or email.

Complete Holistic Nutrition Consultation Package Price Options:       

$300 Single Consultation
$500 Couple Consultation (SAVE $100)
Prerequisite: Completion of Health Evaluation Form
Consultation Format: Phone or In-Person Appointments Available​​
*Traveling costs may apply for In-Person Appointments.

**Price is based on the length of time needed to complete one's Personalized Health & Wellness Program. The amount of time needed to complete one's Personalized Health & Wellness Program will be determined once Danielle receives and reviews your completed

Health Evaluation Form. 

Contact Danielleto Schedule your Initial ConsultationAppointment.


Follow-Up Consultations

After completing the Complete Holistic Nutrition Consultation Package you can schedule Follow-Up Consultations to help you stay on track with your Personalized Health & Wellness Program.  

Reaching your goal of optimal health and vitality is a daily process. Follow-Up Holistic Nutrition Consultations keep you focused and help you to stay on track with your health & wellness goals. With consistence and persistence, you will begin to experience the benefits of eating nutritionally healing whole foods in combination with lifestyle changes to encourage balance and harmony from the

inside-out. Follow-up Consultations typically last an hour. You will be able to discuss how you have been feeling since you began implementing your Personalized Health & Wellness Program. You will go over your food journal together, and you will be able to share any improvements, challenges, list of questions or concerns that you want to address and explore together. Danielle will adjust your Health & Wellness Program accordingly and you will leave with specific action steps to help you continue to move forward with your goal of optimal health & vitality.

Follow-Up Consultation Price Options 

$45  (30 minutes)         

$75  (60 minutes)  

*Any changes that need to be made to Supplement Schedule, etc. will also be included in Follow-Up time and price.       

**Traveling Costs May Apply For In-Person Appointments

Prerequisite: Completion of Holistic Nutrition Consultation Package and Completion of Holistic Nutrition Follow-Up Form
Follow-Up Consultation Format: Phone or In-Person Appointments Available​​

Contact Danielle to Schedule your Follow-Up Appointment.


**Danielle may recommend specific Nutritional Supplements & Herbal Remedies that can support your health & wellness goals.  Danielle provides information about products and companies if you choose to purchase them.

Disclaimer: Danielle Masters is not a medical doctor and therefore cannot make a diagnosis, nor will she make recommendations regarding drugs or controlled substances prescribed by a licensed practitioner. Her consultations are complementary and educational in nature and do not take the place of your primary care physician. All clients must work with their physician regarding decreasing any medications in conjunction with improved health. If your situation/challenge is out of Danielle's areas of expertise, she will be happy to recommend another practitioner.